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Hi everyone! I think it's been almost exactly a year since I logged onto dA. Turns out law school is no joke. Updates to come. Hopefully active this summer. Love you all!
12.13.13 :: Well, it looks like I may be back. Sort of. :'D

Lately I've been trying to force myself to do art in the evenings after work, and I've churned out a couple of respectable works this past week or two. Not bad. 

I've still got some pretty heavily overdue commissions to catch up on, but every day that I make myself at least do some sketching is a day where the prospect of tackling that workload looks easier and easier.

I've also had word that I'll be promoted again come January, so I'm pretty thrilled about that -- and good moods always make for good muse, at least in my case. =D

Anyways, wish me luck, and hopefully y'all will see plenty of new art from me in the near future!

11.17.13 :: Holy moly, the beach seems like so long ago. :'D

Being totally honest, I don't feel a creative drive towards drawing anymore. Or maybe I would, but life kind of caught up with me.

I'm still working full-time, but a few promotions later has landed me in a very visible (low-level) administrative position where it's no longer acceptable for me to be seen reading, drawing, etc. while on the clock.

I also kind of dove head-first back into riding when I moved back here to Tally in May, and since September have been spending about a quarter of my monthly paycheck part-leasing an amazing TB gelding (WORTH IT). We practice several times a week (which sort of sucks up my time after work) and last weekend participated in our first show together (three ribbons and a medal, yay!).

After being horse-deprived for three years and jumpers-deprived for five, this is entirely heaven.

And maybe my drawing/roleplaying horses nonstop during those horseless years was like drinking water to stave off hunger, and now I've been let in to the buffet, so water's not at the top of my list anymore. I still couldn't live without the water, but I don't need to drink it every five minutes to keep myself sated, y'know? God, I suck at metaphors.

Anyways, I know I've got commissions (AGE-old commissions) still waiting in the wings, and I've decided that for those of who who I owe art to (either because you paid me or because you won something from me), I'm going to give you more than you paid for as an apologetic gesture. So please continue to be patient with me, but know that I'm gonna try and make it up to you.

In the meantime, catch me on a chat server if you like, or on dA once in a blue moon.

And wish Horse and I some luck as the new show year kicks off. :)

I'm back home, away from the beach, to start up work again. I got a promotion while I was away, so I'm thrilled about that, but I'm also sort of dreading the time-suck. :'D Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to set aside more time for my artwork, but just in case, commissions (of all types) will stay closed at least until I finish the four I've got left -- and maybe longer than that, depending on the situation. Anyways, thank you so much for your well-wishes, everyone! Back to the daily grind, haha! =D

I've got a week off. One almost-whole week. I AM NOT EVEN SHITTING YOU, GUYS. I'm going to get so much art done, you have no idea. We're renting a beach house for a week and it's got wifi for once (we've rented this place before, and it's adorable, but I'm glad the owners have finally caved and bought wifi for it), so in those spare moments when I am NOT sunning myself on the beautiful Florida coastline, drinking unhealthily colorful cocktails, eating fresh seafood (pescatarian this week, because culture), and sleeping, I WILL BE ARTING. I cannot express how happy I am. I got home from work yesterday (which is still killing me, despite my job being literally the best I've ever had) and just cried on my bed for like, fifteen minutes, I was so happy at the prospect of finally having time to draw again. Moral of the story: don't grow up, you guys. Even when it's good, it's not as good as it was when you were in school. T_T


So Tam is now working 40hrs/week for the first time in her life, and that's just a big ole' ball of crazy at this point. :'D I really love my job, but working 8hrs/day five days out of the week is really taking a toll on my energy/muse level. I wanted to post this little journal just to say that I haven't forgotten about anyone and that my commissions and personal HARPG storyline will continue ASAP, but at this particular moment in time, if I've not replied to comments or notes, you can blame my employer. ^^;

Today was one of my days off, and I did a little commission work, but I also spent four hours at the barn -- having a lesson, and then hopping on another horse my trainer thought I'd like, for fun -- when I haven't ridden regularly in three years. I came back home and ate my lunch, and then I ended up falling asleep for four more hours. ^^; That's kind of been my Tuesdays for the last couple of weeks, and I LOVE riding regularly again, but it's got the same effect as my work -- I'm so exhausted by the time it's all over that I haven't got much drive to create things in PhotoShop.

Anyways, I just felt like I owe you guys an explanation, since I'm usually so good about replying to all my comments, notes, and watches. I'm really, really sorry for going MIA on you guys! I'm starting to get into the swing of things, though, so hopefully this coming week I'll be able to pull my shit together, haha!

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