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Georgian Grandes
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Welcome to Tamarack Park! We're named after an eastern species of the North American Larch tree, which usually doesn't grow this far south (you'll find us near Black Mountain, North Carolina). Thing is, just near the house, there's an old tamarack that's been thriving for what looks like a good few decades at least. We named this place after it, hoping that its lonesome survival will motivate us even through the toughest times. You see, Tamarack Park isn't a big, fancy show stable. We're lucky to have what we've got, which is about fifty acres of mountainside land. Most of it is forested and slanting, which is great for riding but not so great for building or pasturing. We've got one modest home and a comfortable stable, a couple of paddocks and one huge pasture, an arena, a round pen, and more mountain trails than we know what to do with. We specialize in Georgian Grandes, and we're best with eventers --- gotta use that land somehow! If a horse has good bone, strong uphill conformation, and a sharp mind, we like 'em.

The Corkboard

HARPG Stables - Overview (North and South America) by NileirisHARPG Stables - Overview (Af., As., Eu., Oc.) by Nileiris
Go sign Nileiris's ARPG map!

If I get comments anywhere advertising a show or event I'm "invited to," I hide them. That kind of impersonal advertisement really annoys me. Please, if you really want to invite me to participate in your show or event, drop me a personally-addressed note and let's have a real conversation. Thanks!

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I've been sort of working on it for like... a year. Ish. Or at least, I built most of it in December of 2012, ignored it for a year, and finished the rest in December of 2013. :'D -procrastinator-

Today's New Year's Day, and I'm a sucker for good numbers, so I'm opening it today. 

If you like text-based RPGs about horses, check this out.


2 deviants said He's doing the new logo for our company!
2 deviants said And he's wearing blue and white striped socks under slacks that short enough to SHOW the socks when he's standing. LOVE.
2 deviants said If you don't know who I'm taking about, GOOGLE HIM.
2 deviants said OMG

Regarding recent events:

Recently, one of my deviations was used without permission; I was notified of its use after it had been edited and published as part of another deviation. The person who compiled that derivative deviation gave credit in the artist's comments section of the deviation's page, but only told me my work had been used after being pressured by other artists. Thankfully, the derivative deviation has since been removed and I've got the other person's promise that similar events will not happen again.

For anyone who feels that this is acceptable behavior:

Do not use my works without first asking for and obtaining my permission to do so. To do otherwise is bad manners, no matter how noble your intentions. My works are not labeled as public resource images, which means that they may not be used as such without my permission.

Please, if you see someone using my work and you're not sure that they have my permission (as of today, nobody does), let me know. I'll be very grateful, and know that I'll always return the favor.


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wow, looove your art, how come I haven´t been watching you!!! well, now i do!!*_* keep up the great work!
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I miss you. D:
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I was watching your art because I like it and I saw your name...hi, my name in Tamara, nice to meet you ^^You can call me Tam-Tam :)
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Happy Account Creation Day / Merry Christmas! :giggle:
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